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Why do we Experience Foot Pain?

One of the biggest differences between man and most animals is the ability to walk upright. The way that human feet and ankles are constructed is unique, which answers the question on how humans are able to manage this amazing achievement. Most people do not pay a lot of attention to their feet, but they are just as important as other parts of the body. In fact, podiatrists warn that care of the feet is a prime responsibility and lack of such care can lead to discomfort, disability and even severe foot pain.

People with foot problems eventually end up seeing podiatrists, a special branch of medicine that concentrate upon this very important part of the body. These specialists concentrate upon the prevention and treatment of foot disorders, and treatment can be either surgical or medical, depending upon the nature of the complaint. These doctors spend years in training and are specialists in helping people that experience foot pain, a complaint that is often seen as minor, but one that can cause severe discomfort to sufferers.

There is no doubt that the consensus about the cause of most foot pain problems can be related to footwear directly. Many sportsmen wear the wrong types of shoes, and a vast number of people wear shoes that do not fit them properly. Too many people try to fit their feet into boots and pointed shoes that are simply murder on the tendons and ankles. Not surprisingly, almost eighty percent of people suffering from foot pain caused by their footwear are women, and the most common cause of this pain comes from high heels.

The good news is that most disorders of the feet and ankles can be prevented by taking basic precautions and by looking after the feet. Feet should be kept clean at all times, and particular care should be taken to ensure that the feet stay dry. Wet, moist or sweaty feet are prone to all kinds of bacterial infections, but there are many different powders available that can prevent this condition. Too many people try to cure problems with their feet with home remedies, often causing the problem to become worse.

Footwear is one of the major culprits that results in foot pain, and it is therefore very important to choose the correct shoes. The very best materials are canvas or genuine leather, and experts agree that good shoes should have cushioned inner soles and some measure of arch support. Shoes that are too tight often may lead to foot pain and lower back pain, while loose shoes may impede proper walking, and may lead to shuffling and poor posture.

Professional care should be sought when certain symptoms are manifested. Bleeding of any sort should be an immediate warning sign, and persistent swelling and pain, however dull, should also be sounding the alarm. Physical injuries often lead to long term foot problems, which is the reason why no injury should be left to heal by itself. Calluses and corns are often treated at home, but this is an unwise course of action, because the long term results may be detrimental.

Very few people think about their feet as part of a daily care regime, but basic precautions and cleanliness can prevent a host of problems. Persistent foot pain should never be ignored, as this can actually lead to other health problems, and in some cases, can even contribute to the development of disease.


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